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You may be dissatisfied with the amount of storage space in your home, but there maybe be more storage space than you are be fully utilizing. Whether you don't have the tools to put what you need into the small space that you have, you don't have the proper shelving to make the best use of a spacious area, you want easier access to items that you use regularly, or you just want to reorganize everything, California Flooring can help. We offer highly customizable and incredibly durable closet systems in the Manteno area.

There are closets in your home that may seem too small to be of use. A recess in the kitchen wall that seems too cramped to be a functional pantry can become one, or a closet in the bathroom that simply doesn't seem like it could ever hold all of your sheets and towels can be easily turned into a useful linen closet. offers movable, adjustable closet systems that can turn what seems to be the most insufficient area into efficient storage. Sometimes, the problem isn't how much room you have, it's how to properly use it. If you have a walk-in closet, spacious garage or empty attic but inadequate or no shelving, hanging rods or other essential parts of a closet system, then that closet or compartment isn't going to be full utilized.

California Flooring wants to help you turn that underused attic into all the storage space you need, with movable shelving, drawers, cupboards and more. Contact us to find out more about the closet systems that California Flooring offers to the Manteno area. We also provide expert consultation to help you make the most of your closets, and expert installation to ensure that they last as long as you own your home. To find out more, call us, e-mail us, or come visit us in person.

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