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California Flooring specializes in its selection of laminate flooring and installation. Laminate flooring begins with a back layer that resists moisture. The backing layer is bound to an inner core of reinforced fibers to give the flooring strength. This is then topped with the image or design of the flooring. A final layer of resin seals the flooring and creates the wear layer of the laminate flooring. The pattern or design of the laminate flooring ranges from traditional designs to rich wood grains, marble and stone. These earthy designs create the illusion of natural elements blanketing your floors. California Flooring specializes in laminate that mimic the natural beauty of wood and stone and offers a wide variety of designs for any room. California Flooring also provides laminate installation to homes in the Manteno Illinois area.

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Laminate Flooring is Economical

The good news is that laminate flooring is more economical and easier to care for than either wood or stone. You'll save money in Manteno Illinois by buying laminate flooring from California Flooring. Your initial purchase and laminate installation in Manteno Illinois costs less than either hardwood or other natural flooring, like stone or limestone. But, the real savings comes in the energy you will save caring for your new floor. This type of flooring requires no special cleaners or treatments.

California Flooring provides professional laminate installation in your Manteno Illinois home without breaking the bank. Keeping the laminate flooring clean requires nothing more than a damp mop and occasional mild detergent. California Flooring sells laminate flooring that is durable, resists stains and isn't damaged by occasional spills or water spots. This makes it ideal in Manteno Illinois homes with pets and small children. If you experience warping or damage after your laminate installation, you don't need to replace the whole floor. Individual boards can be removed and replaced with new ones. With time, the new laminate will mellow and blend in with the rest of the floor and enhance the beauty of your Manteno Illinois home.

Laminate Flooring is Durable

Laminate floors are beautiful enough for any room in the house. Yet, they are durable enough for children's rooms or entryways. Isn't it time you rethink those boring floors in your Manteno Illinois home and opt for something that shows off your home in style? Stop by California Flooring to see what we have to offer.

At California Flooring our trained installers will work with you to perform laminate installation quickly while staying within your budget. We know how important it is to get your life back to normal. That's why California Flooring works with you every step of the way. All floor installation in the Manteno Illinois area is supervised closely to ensure we stay on budget and your floor will perform at its best.

If you live in the Manteno Illinois area and dream of the luxury of hardwood or stone floors, but worry about the expense and upkeep, stop by California Flooring and browse the many options available. Don't forget to ask us at California Flooring about laminate installation to find out how we can enhance the beauty of your Manteno Illinois home while staying within your budget.
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